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The White Paper


Reminex®, distributed by UNICO Enterprises, is a hair color restoration vitamin. Unlike other products that promise to restore physical hair, or at least the appearance of it, Reminex® (marketed as Reminex GH™ 1,800 mg daily) targets only graying, gray or white hair. Reminex GH™ formula helps to stimulate melancocytes to increase the body’s ability to produce melanin pigment, which overcomes the genetically based tendency to produce less or little melanin.

According to the commercial text provided by the company website, Reminex® is categorized as an “all natural hair restoration vitamin”. The new variant, which is slowly replacing the old Reminex® tablets in the market purports to contain at least 33% more vitamins than the former batches.

Reminex Reviews


One of the best benefits of Reminex® is that in the United States, you can acquire the product without the prescription of a doctor. Reminex's ingredients voluntarily comply with the FDA's GRAS safety requirements and it is manufactured by a FDA approved facility in the US.

The big contrast between this approach to graying hair and the “usual” approaches (like hair gels, hair dyes and other colorants) is that it bolsters whatever is left in the scalp to restore the darker shades of the hair.

One of the main causes of graying hair (according to the aforementioned product information) is insufficient B-vitamins in the body. The most integrally linked to hair color is vitamin B12, which is provided by Reminex® in generous amounts.

Other causes of graying hair or completely white hair may include viruses, thyroid problems and other ailments. A polluted environment may also play a part in reducing the natural rich color of the hair. All these will be chemically combated by Reminex®.


As the product information already stated, Reminex® cannot and should not be used as hair loss treatment. What it simply does is to reverse the graying of hair in advanced age. It does not purport to restore the strength of the hair, the thickness of the hair or its volume. Also, the texture of the hair will not be affected since color really has no bearing on hair filament thickness.

As one ages, the hair follicles naturally are depleted in both number and in dimension. Thinning hair (literally thinning strands) is a normal sign of aging, because of the depletion of hormones and other chemicals responsible for youthful looks.


Reminex® Extra Strength (90 tablets) is being sold per bottle $29 at the company website. For people with gray hair problems, the Reminex® Gray Hair shampoo is available for just $16 (one month supply). Discounts are given for those ordering 6-month supplies or more (12 month supply is being sold for just $179.40).

A value pack (Reminex® hair vitamin & Reminex® shampoo) is available for those who want to try both products at once, for $42.95. Savings with the value pack amount to $3.00.

As a sign of goodwill (and perhaps confidence) the company offers 100 days risk-free trial of the product. Buyers can then choose to return the product within three months if the active ingredients do not improve graying hair.

According to a testimonial regarding the effectiveness of the product, Debra Mezasson from Scottsdale, Reminex® allows buyers to save money; because it works, people won’t have to invest in topical remedies for graying hair.  


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