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Mandi McKee, Formerly William McKee, Claims Generic Baldness Drug Turned Her Into A Woman

A 38-year old former software engineer says that taking medication for baldness transformed him from a man into a woman. Mandi McKee, formerly known as William McKee, began taking a generic version of Propecia (finesteride) in October 2008 to combat male-pattern baldness, the New York Post reports. At that time, McKee was a married man, and was "energetic, focused, sharp and athletic," according to her blog.

Propecia, Baldness Drug, Linked With Sexual Problems Even After Men Stop Taking It

The popular male pattern baldness drug finasteride, known commercially as Propecia, may have negative effects on sexual function months or years after a man has stopped taking it, according to a small new study.

Baldness drug Wayne Rooney took 'could cause permanent impotence and shrink genitals in some men'

A hair-loss medication reportedly tried by Wayne Rooney may cause prolonged and possibly irreversible impotence, scientists have claimed. The recent findings come after one patient bravely stepped forward to reveal the drug left him with no sex drive and even shrank his genitals.


Rooney Mandi Propecia Regenix Reviews Revivogen Reviews Rogaine Reviews Toppik Reviews Tricomin Reviews Corvinex Reviews DermMatch Reviews Bosley Reviews Crinagen Reviews Folligen Reviews Fullmore Reviews Reminex Reviews Provillus Reviews ProFollica Reviews Procerin Reviews

Provillus Reviews - Provillus™ is a highly effective hair growth formulation produced by Provillus Corporation for people suffering from hair loss. It creates a healthy environment which is conducive to the growth of fresh, new hair. Provillus™ provides the proper nourishment to reactivate dead hair follicles or prevent further hair loss. Provillus has different formulas for men and women.

ProFollica Reviews - ProFollica, marketed by Leading Edge Marketing Inc., is one of the best hair regrowth products that are available in the market today. It is essential to understand that ProFollica is not a single product but consists of a three tier system. It consists of a shampoo, a gel and a nutritional supplement. All the three products consist of quite a few critical ingredients.

Bosley Reviews - The Bosley Medical Institute, Inc. provides hair transplant and restoration procedures for men and women suffering from hair loss in the United States. Composed of the most experienced hair transplant experts in the world, the institute was founded by hair restoration trailblazer Doctor L. Lee Bosley in 1974.

Corvinex Reviews - UNICO Enterprises’ Corvinex hair loss formula is a combination of an all-natural food supplement, hair follicle care spray, hair nurturing shampoo and hair-thickening conditioner. It is formulated specifically for men and women for the treatment of hair loss.

Crinagen Reviews - Crinagen is an all-natural topical lotion distributed by Raztec Incorporated to combat hair loss. It was formulated and developed by Dr. Razack who also wrote the book "Conquering Hair Loss" - a complete and up-to-date publication dealing with hair loss.

DermMatch Reviews - DermMatch®, produced and distributed by Dermatch Inc., is a hair-thickening formula that claims to provide a thick, natural-looking head of hair minus the fuss. The company website boasts of having even the American Hair Loss Foundation as its backer - something that other hair loss products don’t have the luxury of having.

Folligen Reviews - The Folligen® line of hair care products is currently being marketed by Skin Biology. Skin Biology produces several other products for the market, including creams and lotions. Folligen® is just one of many successful products that have reached and awed a worldwide audience.

Fullmore Reviews - Like other inexpensive substitutes to actual hair growth preparations, Fullmore, marketed by Spencer Forrest, Inc., is a colored hair thickening preparation that recreates the appearance of new hair where there is none. According to commercial reviews, Fullmore Hair Thickener gives any user natural looking hair in seconds.

Regenix Reviews - The Regenix® Hair Treatment, marketed by Regenix® Hair Clinic, purports to be one of the best in the market today. Regenix® has clinical facilities in Los Angeles, California. Clients are encouraged to send hair micro samples every three months so that Regenix® can adjust the formulation for better results.

Reminex Reviews - Reminex®, distributed by UNICO Enterprises, is a hair color restoration vitamin. Unlike other products that promise to restore physical hair, or at least the appearance of it, Reminex® (marketed as Reminex® GH 1,800 mg daily) targets only graying, gray or white hair.

Revivogen Reviews - Revivogen®, distributed by Advanced Skin & Hair Inc., was formulated by Dr. Alex Khadavi that represents a niche in the hair treatment market that specifically targets DHT - the byproduct of hormone spikes. Revivogen® is being marketed as an anti hair-thinning formulation.

Rogaine Reviews - Rogaine®, distributed by McNEIL-PPC, Inc., is one of the popular treatment for hair loss in the market for years, and it has slowly gained popularity around the world. From its original inception and approval in the United States by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA), Rogaine® is now being sold worldwide by the original patent holder.

Toppik Reviews - Toppik® Hair Thickener, produced and distributed by Spencer Forrest,Inc., is designed to improve the cosmetic features of thinning hair and to improve the over-all look of a person suffering from balding or thinning hair. Toppik® Hair Thickener is produced with keratin fibers.

Tricomin Reviews - Tricomin®, developed and distributed by ProCyte Corporation, is an advanced hair care line that emphasizes the importance of natural ingredients and fast results. The Tricomin® haircare line is supposedly good in protecting the hair from further damage - something that other topical remedies seem to be lacking.

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Procerin Reviews - Procerin, distributed exclusively by Speedwinds Nutrition Inc., is an effective and clinically proven all-natural hair regrowth treatment available even without a prescription. With Procerin, hair loss is prevented without experiencing the sexual dysfunctions associated with medications like Finasteride (Propecia).

Hair loss treatment varies depending on the reason of thinning hair or hair loss. Fortunately there are several ways for treatment. Some requires permanent surgical procedures while some may apply treatment products as their daily regimen. Different kinds of treatment have also different prices. Surgical treatments are usually far more expensive than the product that can be bought over-the-counter.

If you are experiencing hair loss right now, it is important to take action right away. The first step is to find out the cause (read The 5 Causes of Hair Loss). If it is caused by illness, medication, infection, stress or poor nutrition, it is often temporary. If you can address the cause, your hair will usually grow back.     

For hair loss caused by male or female pattern baldness, there is no cure yet. However, there are the treatments available to re-grow your hair.

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